In comparison, the LCD is always on in Review mode and you don’t need to enable it. Blurs fine details so that they become “softer” and edges of objects blend into the image. I found the optical viewfinder to be a little tough to look through with glasses on, and it lacks diopter correction. Kodak DC Drivers Download. The LCD display has some new ways of representing resolution and compression settings.

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KODAK Taiwan: Digital and Applied Imaging – DC Cables

Optical Sensor Sensor Resolution. I found the LCD display to be very grainy, not to mention jerky in record mode. Optical – real-image zoom.

If so, capture it. Sharp highlights the edges in the image to make them stand out; Standard makes no sharpness adjustment; and Soft blurs the edges so they blend in better with the background. Included Memory Card Capacity.

Lets you format picture cards for use with the DC if they have a different format or have become corrupted in some way. In high resolution mode see belowthe picture quality settings correspond to the following file sizes: This item doesn’t post to United States.

Excellent utility program for printing multiple images per page, in a variety of formats. There are good places usg put your hands without getting them in the way of anything important. Lets you choose a special effect for your pictures whenever you turn on your camera and begin capturing images. You can use the self-timer in conjunction with any of the camera settings you’ve enabled, like many other camera models.

We should note, however, that unlike digital cameras that simply crop the image to a smaller usn, the DC resamples the images in-camera, so they always have the same pixel dimensions you originally selected from the menu system; and because the images are interpolated in real time on the LCD, you can view the enlargement immediately on the LCD monitor.

The three on the left are rubber, and stay in place nicely. There’s also a 3X digital zoom feature. For Macintosh-based systems, there are 6 applications: But my favorite feature down here is right above that tripod mount: Shutter Max Shutter Speed.

It seemed to have some trouble focusing where my other cameras took great photos.

For Kodak DC280 USB Data Transfer Charger Cable Lead White

Also as with other cameras, the digital zoom only works when the LCD is turned on, because you’d have no way to tell what portion of the image was being viewed otherwise. A menu option is available on the camera to switch between these signal formats if needed. Want to take better photos and videos? Furthermore, installing the wrong Kodsk drivers can make these problems even worse.

Depressing and holding the shutter button half-way after framing your subject locks in the auto focus prior to capture, allowing accurate focus for off-center subjects. I hate having to turn off the flash every time I want to take a shot after dark!

Digital Cameras – Kodak DC Digital Camera Review

Multi-pattern aka matrix or center-weighted Exposure lock great for panoramic shots Sharpness: Readers of our previous DC review will find most of the discussion here a duplicate of what went before, given the almost-identical feature set and user interface shared by the two cameras: Capture Mode With the Mode Dial on the rear of the camera set to Capture, pressing the Menu Button provides the following options for capturing your images: Compression Best Quality 32 You can see the power input, video output, PC connect, and CompactFlash doors.

Lets you change bitmap BMP files into border BDR format so that you can copy the borders to your picture card and use them when capturing images. In common usage, changing a flash setting on the run is so simple, it’s not a problem, but the selectable default setting is nonetheless a convenience.

The other borders are: The picture below shows the back side of the camera, with a control layout that will be immediately recognizable to anyone familiar with the previous DC and DC As always, we suggest that you try out the camera in a local store before you make any purchasing decisions!

It isn’t a TTL Through The Lens optical viewfinder, but the clarity of the images in the viewfinder is more than acceptable for viewing at both the wide angle and the telephoto settings.