Network Security – Nextel may take any action that it deems necessary to 1 protect its network, its rights or the rights of its customers and third parties; Advanced Calling Features Note: Unlocked Samsung A3 Written on: Page 6 Managing Memory It also displays My Info and contact information sent to you from other phones. To change the current view:

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Follow the system instructions to create a new 4- to 7-digit password, record your name, and record a greeting.

Contact Nextel Customer Care for your default unlock code. Using a Headset If you use a headset or similar device with your phone, you can set your phone to send incoming sound to the headset only, or to the headset and the speaker at the same time: Pictures and audio recordings are saved to the media center. Gifting is when you purchase a copy of a DRM item and send it to someone.

Page Section 7 below.

Unlock iDen i – Mobile Unlocked

Hearing Aid Compatibility When some mobile phones are used with certain hearing devices including hearing aids andcochlear implantsusers may detect a noise which can interfere with the effectiveness of the hearing device. Use of an improper extension cord could result in a risk of fire and electric shock.

This item shows the name assigned to the entry or No Name. Battery Strength — A fuller battery abcd indicates a greater charge.

If you store W, when you select this number and make a call, your phone dials the first 11 digits and then waits. A Contacts entry contains: Charging Times Check your battery and charger type against j760 grid below to determine appropriate charging times.

Datebook Press A under Browse to choose from common event names.

How To Unlock a iDen i

Soft keys Battery Capacity: GPS – This is one of the most widespread global positioning technologies, developed and maintained by the U. What is not covered? You can create a Group for one-time use or store it to Contacts so you can call it at any time.

Some appear at all times.

How to Unlock iDen i760

Phone call is on hold. Technology – There are two main screen technologies currently used in phones and tablets: Talk Range Phones used in Direct Talk mode should be a minimum of 6 feet apart to maximize performance and improve transmission range.

Phone Operation Safety and General Information To assure optimal radio product performance and make sure human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic energy is within the guidelines set forth in the above standards, always adhere to the following procedures: Shortcuts If you assigned a voice name to the shortcut: If you make a call to from your temporary phone number and the call fails, the emergency Page What is not covered?

If you receive an error message: Phone call is active.

You can also go to nextel. If you unsuccessfully enter the PUK Unfortunately we do not currently have a way to unlock your particular device at this time! FCC Part 15, subpart B, section Contact Information From Other Phones This icon appears with My Info from other phones on the recent calls list, along with the Direct Connect number i7600 the person who sent the information.

Motorola i760-White, Blue-Iden-Cellular Phone

You create the shortcut and then use it to take you to that screen any time. Capacity – The bigger, the better! Straightforward process to obtain the unlock code for my HTC device.