Beware that almost all the sites that have been mentioned in this forum are all selling copies and most are probably poor made fakes. Has anyone heard of this website? After delivery, I sent them an e-mail that I found the club to be fake, but of course, no reaction! Personal opinion is anybody 10 HC or over is missing the boat not trying these unless they get a kick out of hitting thier players cbs crooked while admirering thier thin topline and reduced offset,LOL. Search Advanced Search section: Good communication and they packaged up my club with care, using plenty of bubble wrap as padding. Remember golf club manufacturers spends millions of dollars developing and researching their products to make what in the end is a precision instrument.

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fake ping G10s? | Golf Monthly

Edited by hardten, 03 June – On the counterfeit it is black and on the real thing it is orange. Forums New posts Search forums. Me 77 Him 88 After our round faks he was paying me I asked him only one question “Where can I pick up some of those Mizuno blades? I found a summary by someone of what the key attributes of the fakes are and the clubs I got pig these to a T.

I made the mistake of purchasing a set of Callaway X irons from golfstoreshop. Probably not worth the risk in most cases, and of course there’s the serial number to check, but at this stage I’m just curious.

I believe this site might be legit.

Posted 15 June – Frank what is the website address and I will let you know if we have any additional info on them. That should have been my first clue.

Ping G10 – Previous Model Year Reviews – GolfWRX

Alternatively you can call our expert team on to discuss any issues you may have. Furthermore, the website is not UK based, as it suggests, but in China! I politely replied staing that i believe these are originals, they then replied pointing out that the 9.

As you can see the red paint use is slightly lighter than that on the genuine article from Callaway. There are always differences in quality of manufacturing and performance. Kind of pushed myself into G10s in Nov. I bought a D3 Titleist online.

Hey guys i came across a sight not sure it if it fake but got a good feeling it is: Gurugolf and Empire-Golf both have a large supply and guarantee authenticity saying they purchase from authorized dealers. I did the magnet test to see if the face was titanium and tested the crown on my driver purchased from faoe and all checked out.

Posted 05 December – I have hope that they will get my money back, we shall see. The shafts are of the same clubs — and again, the impostor is the top one. It is safe to assume that they are legit for other manufacturers.


They got me dont let them get you. Our mission is ConsumerFirst. Not 1 club-length, 1 CLUB. Callaway Big Bertha Fairway Here we have one of the most popular fairways of the last few years.

Counterfeit Golf Clubs

The 4 iron is really great in this set – just no need for a hybrid in that area. Is this golf wholesale site a legitimate site in the United States or is it a scam or maybe some place selling counterfeit clubs? Does it have a telephone number which is not just for taking orders, does it have a physical address for an actual retail outlet, does it offer free delivery throughout the world.

People like you is the reason there are fraud of the internet. I will speak to Cobra direct when they reopen after the weekend. They say the clubs come from a OEM supplier.