In OpenGL mode, by , Q2’s demo2. Motherboards Systems Previous page Next page. It’s also quite easy to work on, as these things go; there’s a transverse-mount 3. It scored and for CPU and memory. The Eden is the real fanless deal, but it’s not fast. Socket F Computer Motherboard. Socket M Computer Motherboard for Intel.

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Just by a somewhat smaller amount. Core iK could hit 4.

VIA Epia M, Socket M (EPIAMIICCM01) Motherboard | eBay

Given that the MHz Celeron epia m roughly equal with the M machine for performance, there wouldn’t appear to be much of an advantage to the C3 box, power-wise.

More than a year epi a half ago, now, I checked epia m an MHz C3. With Windows loaded and nothing going on, it drew about 0. Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs.

The Eden is the real fanless deal, but it’s not fast.

But if you’re playing 3D games or video files – which you may well be doing, on your funky little living room PC – you’re likely to care peia lot more about FPU speed. And then epia m pause. But they had lousy price-performance compared with Intel processors for epia m same socket. I could have kept on beating the C3 about the head and body with benchmark software, but I didn’t.

So maybe this is just another one of those.

Via EPIA M10000 computer system

It also finally supports the SSE epia m set extensions. The most I could make it draw by running an OpenGL game was 0. The Athlon beat it senseless for those, too. With a standard mini-itx footprint it is interchangeable with epia m other similar products.

Fortunately, Via came up with a better way to sell them.

They’re only 17 centimetres square; less than four epia m of the footprint of a standard ATX motherboard. Even if you allow for its higher clock speed, it’s still 2.

VIA’s EPIA-M10000 platform

To test its suitability as a mobile TV-output music station, naturally. Behold epia m EPIA motherboards. Eipa C3s cost ten bucks then their lousy performance wouldn’t have mattered; they were still more than fast enough for what most computers do most of the time, and what many computers do all of the time.

You can’t fault Via Technologies for persistence with their C3 epis. Socket C3s still exist, and their sales figures are continuing to fail to set the world alight. epia m

I really, really hope the full-speed Nehemiah FPU improves this situation. Give Dan some money!

VIA EPIA M VIA Motherboard Drivers Manuals BIOS

EPIA does stand for somethingbut I’m pretty sure that’s not right. The Nehemiah core powers the Rpia 1. Like Ezra, Nehemiah is built epia m 0. If you don’t install a card there – and most people won’t need to – then you epia m use the space for Via originally claimed the C3 would also be able to get away without a CPU fan, but in eipa real world, you need a pretty big heat sink and lots of case ventilation for that to work.

There’s that comparatively big fan, and the connector-packed epia m of the motherboard. This is Windows’ fault, not the M’s; it’s alleged to be a featurenot a bug.

This is a fantastic little all in 1 PC. The living room PC market, however, generally wants a processor that’s fast enough to play CPU-intensive video. They’ve got enough room for a normal complement of drives one optical, one floppy, one hardthey’re tall enough epia m you can epia m a normal expansion card in epia m you want, and they look spiffy. The C3 has been getting faster since I last checked one out.