I will now find a SCSI-2 50pin card and buy a new cable. Agfa Duoscan T Vuescan for software can often help with the negatives not sure if you can do it with the draw? Speaking of the DuoScan: This has to mean the 50 to 25 cable I have wont work. By David Richhart in forum Digital Hardware.

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I haven’t tried doing color negs on my Duoscan, but there euoscan settings for color neg film not many, but it should put you in the ballpark in FotoLook 3. You can download the latest version from the Agfa website for free, if you don’t have it. I do not need a pro level scanner.

Some type of current correction device? The film included, there will be 8 dust surfaces! As a proffessional darkroom worker for more than 30 decades I consider dust in the digital workflow more severe than ever with analog processes.

Yes please do check, thanks. I definitely don’t have the pin job on both sides.

Agfa DuoScan T1200 Flatbed Scanner

When I try to load the drivers on startup Windows gives me an error, though I never thought much of it since the Agfa program worked fine.

Pardon duocsan ignorance but what is SAI? The time now is Re-looking at the picture it looks like a 50 at the scanner and a 50 at the computer. Agfa Duoscan T just remember Many thanks – Dave.

Agfa DuoScan T – flatbed scanner Overview – CNET

The has a 25 pin external and a 50 pin internal. I just found that note, btw Making old tech function on new isn’t fun at all.

Now I need to find a cable, and search for a card to work if the internal connection on the adapter in the above link wont fit the cable. All times are GMT This has to mean the 50 to 25 cable I have wont work. Agfa Duoscan T Vuescan for software can often help with the negatives not sure if you ayfa do it with the draw?

I have to assume the 50 to 25 pin connection cable came with the unit.

AGFA DuoScan T1200 Manuals

Results 1 to 10 of And the plane of focus should be on the glass, have you made any test for that? Originally Posted by JW Dewdney. The adapter I got is this one It says ” Provides an internal pin SCSI connector and an external DB connector, allowing for the connection of up to seven SCSI devices” The book also shows using the 50 pin at the scanner and I t12000 a 25pin at the computer, a closer look it is not clear but it looks to be a 50 pin connection at the computer.

The time now is Agfa looks to be going away now By Jay Lnch in forum Darkroom: Please also note that these scanners are connected to the computer through SCSI – that gave me some issues with my modern software and Mac G4 1.

This improves sharpness in a major way. The older T model I can’t say for sure.

Edit, I dont think mine is a T max enhanced PPI is looking at the specs on the T it is max enhanced ppi The adapter says it supports SCSI-2 but the 50 pin is Internal the connection is on duoscaan top of the board it looks to me. No problem, though since the opaque side worked better than the scanner in my office, so I donated my old scanner to a colleague and moved the T to my desk. Scanning negs with my Duoscan results in pics that are anything but the preview and has different colors on the opposite side of film.

By Christopher Nisperos in forum Darkroom: David, how do you manage all the dust with three glass plates? As someone who bought a DuoScan and then read this thread about a month ago, let me be clear: I will now find t1200 SCSI-2 50pin card and buy a new cable.